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Communicator Plus is an online email platform that lets marketers effectively communicate with their internal network and external customers.

Create, test, send, and analyze your email campaigns.

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Not your average email marketing tool

Unlike traditional email marketing applications, we’ve created a tool with your business in mind. With a tiered structure, you’ll be able to communicate with your internal network and your external customers.

Simplistic email deployment for them. Easy administration for you.

With Communicator Plus you can send to everyone and engage more customers


Never worry about branding again. Email designs are specifically created with your company in mind.

  • Create the stories you want
  • Drag and drop stories to create customized campaigns
  • Maintain brand consistency through all tiers of your organization
  • Manage your prospect and customer lists
  • Allow your internal stakeholders to create their own company branded, customized, and personalized email
Communicator Plus Content/Campaign Creation

Test and Send

Never worry that an email doesn’t look good. Communicator Plus lets you send tests to multiple addresses meaning you can rest easy knowing your email looks great. Everywhere.

Tweak and edit emails until they’re perfect.

Communicator Plus Email Template Samples


Want a summary of delivery and open rate? We provide you with the metrics you need to see how things went. Communicator Plus keeps a history of all your campaigns, so you can understand the best way to grow your business.

Communicator Plus History

Case Study: Bin There Dump That

The Company

Bin There Dump That is a North American based franchise company specializing in dumpster rentals for residential and commercial customers. They provide a wide assortment of dumpster sizes to meet the needs of their customers, from clean-up of residential yards and homes to commercial job sites. Bin There Dump That is the fastest growing bin rental franchise company in North America, with 96+ franchisees and growing.

The Challenge

As the franchise network grew so did the need of franchisees to better manage communications to their customers. On top of inconsistent messages and frequency, improper management of customer data and branding were issues that needed to be addressed. They needed a way to electronically communicate with their customers and prospects by the franchise network and on behalf of franchisees. The head office marketing team wanted an automated communications platform to develop strategic communications templates for use by each franchisee while giving them the flexibility to create their own market-specific messaging.

The Solution

Communicator Plus is the right solution for Bin There Dump That to solve these challenges with an online email platform. It is used by head office and franchisees with the expert support of the AXIS Integrated team. Centralization of the data ensures duplicate customers are now managed using approved business rules. Template content and appearance is now consistent across the franchise network. The ongoing growth of the contact database is assured through a direct link to the operational business management system. Franchisees are now able to consistently deploy emails to keep up awareness, promote specials, and drive sales. Communicator Plus also ensures that Bin There Dump That’s marketing efforts are CASL/FTC privacy compliant.

Bin There Dump That Logo

The team at AXIS Integrated has been fabulous to work with – highly responsive and dedicated. With their assistance, Communicator Plus has enabled our franchisees to manage their own customer lists and deliver professional looking and highly-effective marketing communications without having to invest in outside resources. I’d definitely recommend Communicator Plus over some of the other canned online communications solutions available.

John Ferracuti, Vice President, General Manager, Bin There Dump That
Communicator Plus Case Study: Bin There Dump That


  • hosting icon Hosting: $300-500/month
  • users icon Unlimited users
  • templates icon Custom templates: $25/template
  • emails icon $0.01-0.02/email (volume dependant)
  • One time customization fee may apply
    Contact AXIS for free consultation
  • Branded interface
  • Custom business rules
  • External database integration
Communicator Plus Dashboard

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